Early Access to High Potential Web3 Projects

Trusted and efficient collaborations to help the web3 community thrive

Trusted and efficient collaborations between high potential web 3 projects, influencers and partners

Countless Opportunities to Maximize Results

SeedHunter enables crypto projects to raise seed capital and tap into an unparalleled verified influencer base. We enable influencers to leverage their followers for maximum results and provide barrierless access to trustworthy projects’ seed rounds.
High Potential Only

Projects and influencers are screened by our due diligence teams and scored by our proprietary AI algorithm

Early Access

Support for projects’ growth from seed round and providing participation possibilities at that earliest stage

Easy to Use

Simply register and be a part of the community. No need to buy or hold a token to participate in a seed raise

Time Saving

All the information in one place, efficient contract signing process and useful management tools to increase efficiency and results

Easy, Secure and Scalable

Benefits for Influencers
Benefits for Projects
Platform screenshot showing the project search page: find high potential web3 projects
Platform screenshot showing how to participate in both Marketing for Tokens and Money for Tokens
Platform screenshot showing content distribution planning per calendar week and social network
Access sourced high potential projects in one place
From project´s review to approved participation in a few clicks
Easy overview of planned activities to facilitate campaign management
Platform screenshot showing the project dashboard, recent participations, TGE dates and funding targets
Platform screenshot showing project registration and funding target setup
Platform screenshot showing automated content distribution planning per calendar week and social network
Only verified influencers matching to your project´s target group
Easy registration process, easy to use campaign management and dedicated account management
Automated content delivery check to maximize ROI

Community First – Anyone can Participate

Anyone can participate on projects, influencers and partners

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The Roadmap

See the progress we’ve made so far as we continue to improve the SeedHunter platform.

Q4 - 2022
  • Conception
  • Design
  • Development Kick-off
Q1/Q2 - 2023
  • Financing
  • Hiring Legal, Development & Marketing
  • Data Model & AI Setup
Q3/Q4 - 2023
  • Hiring Finance & Operations
  • Alpha Launch (Closed)
  • Version 1.0 Go-Live
Q1/Q2 - 2024
  • Projects & KOLs Expansion
  • Requirements Backlog for V2
  • Version 2.0 Go-Live

Meet The Team

We are a global collective of passionate web3 professionals with deep knowledge of running marketing agencies, digital and influencer marketing, brand partnerships, product and blockchain development, venture capital and successfully launching and supporting crypto projects.

Dariusz Kowalczyk
Dariusz Kowalczyk
Co-Founder & CTO
Junaid Dar
Junaid Dar
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Barros
Alex Barros
Marcelo Barros
Marcelo Barros
Head of Development
Marta Semmler
Marta Semmler
Human Resources
Kai Müller-Heise
Kai Müller-Heise
Senior Project Manager
Dominique Schmidt
Dominique Schmidt
Technical Project Manager
Shimron Singh
Shimron Singh
Social Media Manager
Kristian Buchholtz
Kristian Buchholtz
Technical Consultant

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