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SeedHunter Funding Module

Easy Access to early stage fundraises from high potential web3 projects.
Curated Projects Only

Only top-tier projects, vetted through a rigorous due diligence process.

Seamless Participation

Easy, token-free participation with flexible investment sizes.

Automated & Efficient

Hassle-free with automated processes from registration to fund management.

Milestone-Based Security

Contributions released based on verified project milestones for funding above $500,000.

Easy Steps to Web3 Early-Stage Allocations

Simple, secure and transparent

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Funding Module is designed to connect participants with early-stage, high-potential Web3 projects. It offers a secure and efficient way to access and support promising initiatives through automated processes and milestone-based funding.
We implement multiple layers of security, including a rigorous due diligence process for all projects and milestone-based funding releases for projects raising over $500,000. Contributions are only transferred to projects after verified completion of predefined milestones, ensuring transparency and minimizing risk.
SeedHunter features a curated selection of high-potential Web3 projects. Each project undergoes a rigorous vetting process, evaluating factors such as strategic plans, financial health, team expertise, and market demand to ensure only top-quality opportunities are available.
You can start participating with as little as $50. SeedHunter offers flexible contribution options to accommodate a wide range of budgets, making it easy for anyone to support their favorite projects.
SeedHunter offers projects a streamlined and efficient way to reach their funding targets. By accessing a broad network of participants, projects can secure contributions quickly and build an engaged community. Our automated processes reduce the manual workload, allowing project teams to focus on development and growth.
The timeline for receiving tokens depends on the specific project schedule. Typically, tokens are distributed at the TGE and according to their vesting calendar available in the details page.