How to Participate in a Funding Round (KOL/Hunter)

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Done, I signed up. Now how can I participate in a funding round?

First of all, a big welcome to SeedHunter! We are very happy to see you around! Now you can start using the platform services. 

Please note that to fully participate in funding rounds there is still one important thing to do, which is the one-time KYC (Know your Customer). This ensures the safety of the platform for both you and the crypto projects. You will be asked to do the KYC once you want to get into a legal connection with a project for the first time.

If you want to do the KYC directly, you can navigate to “My Account” in the main menu and open the tab “KYC” on top of the page. Please note that KYC is run by an external service provider (

Participating in a Funding Round requires only a few steps:

  • Step 1: Find the right Funding Round
  • Step 2: Set your participation amount
  • Step 3: Chose your currency and network
  • Step 4: Review and sign the legal documents provided by the project
  • Step 5: Do the transfer

We will explain the steps in details below.

Step 1: Find the right Funding Round

Use the ($) Funding Round section to get an overview and check out the details of the Funding Rounds you are interested in. On the cards you find some information:

  • Project name, slogan and funding title
  • The percentage of funding already reached (participations from other users)
  • Funding target – the total amount that will be raised in this Funding Round on SeedHunter
  • Phase – the funding phase that the project is in
  • Planned TGE Date

Additionally you will see labels on top indicating status and time left. Soon you will be able to see here if the funding rounds are exclusive for NFT holders or have early access for those who own our NFTs (coming up soon!)

Found a project funding round you like? Cool, then just click on Participation Details button and check all the information in the detail view. Here the project will describe their plans, tokenomics, marketing strategy and team.

You want to participate? Perfect, then you can click on “Participate Now”. If the Funding Round is not yet active, the button shows the start date.

COMING UP SOON: As a verified NFT Holder you will get up to 24h early access to Funding Rounds as well as exclusive access to specific gems. 

Step 2: Set your participation amount

After clicking the Participate Now button, first thing you will have to enter is the amount you want to participate with.

Note that there is a minimum and maximum participation.

PLEASE NOTE: As a verified NFT Holder you will have a higher maximum participation limit.

If you have any credit in your account, you can use it here to reduce the amount to transfer. Note that you can currently only use all of your credit or none of it.

Step 3: Chose your currency and network

In the next step you will chose your currency and network which you will do the transfer with.

You will do the actual transfer at the end of the process.

Step 4: Review and sign the legal documents provided by the project

Take a moment to review your participation and read the legal documents which are provided by the project and will automatically be filled with the relevant information. 

This will be:

  • General T&Cs for the Sale of the Future Tokens
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement

Those documents include all the necessary information for the commitment of both parties, as well as legal clauses and requirements setup by the project. Make sure to go through those in detail. Once you checked that all is correct, you can proceed to the transfer.

Step 5: Do the transfer

Now it is time to transfer the amount you want to participate with. On this step you can either connect your wallet (currently Coinbase and Metamask) or do a manual transfer by adding a hashcode. Connecting the wallet is quicker and quite straight-forward, but if you chose the manual transfer all you need to provide is the hashcode of the transaction. Please make sure to use the correct amount for the participation otherwise the transaction will fail. 

Once you are done, click on Finalize Your Participation.

When the transfer is done you will receive confirmation of your participation. Congratulations, you are now listed as project participant!

And now you can wait for the TGE Date to come and receive your tokens from the project. They will contact all project participants directly in preparation for the TGE and launch. 

PLEASE NOTE that the actual transfer of the tokens is not done on the SeedHunter platform, but directly from the project.

Spread the word and earn

After a successful Funding Round participation, please also consider telling people about it. We are convinced of our service and want to grow – and we want you to benefit. So, if you have some people in mind who could also use our platform, don’t hesitate to send them your individual invite link by participating in our Affiliate Program

If they sign up and get involved, you will benefit from our affiliate commission: not only once, but every time they participate.

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