Last Updated: 1 February 2024

This Risks Disclosure Statement (this “Statement”) is a part of and to be read in conjunction with the Terms of Service (the “Terms”). Capitalized terms used in this Statement shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Terms. Any access to or use of certain functionality of the SeedHunter website available at www.seedhunter.com, including any of its subdomains (the “Website”), and any, functionality and services provided via the Website (hereinafter collectively the “Platform”), shall be subject to your acceptance and assumption of the risks set out in this Statement. The risks in this Statement are not exhaustive and the Statement does not explain how such risks relate to your personal circumstances or how such risks may affect your personal circumstances. You should note that all risks set out herein are not intended to be exhaustive nor to be presented in any assumed order of priority.

Risk of Software Weaknesses

Although we make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Platform follows high-security standards, we do not warrant or represent that the Platform is secure or safe, or protected from phishing, malware, hacking or other malicious attacks. Further, the Platform may contain weaknesses, bugs, vulnerabilities, viruses or other defects which may have a material adverse effect on the operation of the Platform or may lead to losses and damages for you, other Users of the Platform or third persons. We do not warrant or represent that the Platform is free of any risk of theft and hacking or other malicious attacks; risk of security weaknesses in the Platform or any associated software and/or infrastructure.

Risk of Third Parties Acting Late

Certain functions within the Platform may have to be executed by third parties, such as digital wallet providers, and there is a risk that such third parties will not act in a timely or reliable manner, or as expected or intended, or may fail to act, which can lead to inaccessibility of the functionality of the Platform, or partial or complete loss of the respective Digital Assets. We will not be responsible for any claims arising out of or in connection with such acts of the third parties that you may have.

Risk of Inaccurate Data

We will strive to ensure the accuracy of information listed on the Platform although it will not hold any responsibility for any missing or wrong information. We provide all information as is. We do not represent or warrant that the content and information on the Platform is reliable, current, error-free or detect-free, meet your requirements, or that any defects will be corrected. You understand that you are using any and all information available here at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any presumptions or mistakes made as a result of reliance on the information provided, nor for any losses that might be incurred by you as a result of such inaccurate data.

Risk of Confusing User Interface

Certain user interface elements can be confusing or mislead you, which may result in the execution of a different action or transaction than intended or desired, or the connection of a wrong wallet, account, or network. We will not be responsible for any presumptions or mistakes made on the basis of such elements or design.

Risk of Legal Uncertainty

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is rapidly evolving and often lacks clear regulatory frameworks. Whether and how one or more cryptographic tokens constitute property, or assets, or rights of any kind may also seem unclear. You are responsible for knowing and understanding how cryptographic tokens are addressed, regulated, and taxed under laws that apply to you. You should understand that regulations can be uncertain, they can change, and these changes could impact the legality or enforceability of the agreements between the Clients and the KOLs, as well as the functionalities of our Platform.

Theft Risk

We make a commercially reasonable effort to ensure that any transactions carried out in relation to the Platform are secure. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, there is no assurance that there will be no theft of the Digital Assets as a result of hacks, sophisticated cyber-attacks, distributed denials of service or errors, double-spent attacks, flash-loan attacks, vulnerabilities or defects of the Platform or related on-chain or off-chain software, of a blockchain, or otherwise. Such events may include, for example, flaws in programming or source code leading to exploitation or abuse thereof. Any of the above may lead to partial or complete stealing or loss of the Digital Assets used in transactions carried out in relation to the Platform. We will not be responsible for any claims arising out of or in connection with such thefts you may have.

Value and Volatility

The prices of Digital Assets are extremely volatile and subjective and the Digital Assets may have no inherent or intrinsic value. You should pay close attention to your position and holdings, and how they may be impacted by sudden and adverse shifts in trading and other market activities. Fluctuations in the price of other Digital Assets could materially and adversely affect the value of the Digital Assets, which may also be subject to significant price volatility. We do not guarantee that any Digital Assets will retain their original value, have any specific price or any particular value, or that the use of the Platform will be profitable, as the value of Digital Assets depends on factors occurring outside of our control that may materially impact the value and desirability of any particular Digital Assets. The volatility and unpredictability of the value of Digital Assets relative to a fiat currency, meaning a government-issued currency that is designated as legal tender, may result in significant or complete losses over a short period of time. You acknowledge and agree to these risks and represent that we cannot be held liable to changes and fluctuations in value or increased costs.

Consultation and Professional Advice

Before participating in any activities on our Platform, we strongly recommend seeking advice from legal, financial, and technical experts to assess the potential risks and implications based on your unique circumstances.

The Platform-related risks

You acknowledge the risks of using the Platform. You bear sole responsibility for evaluating the Platform before using it, and all transactions accessed through the Platform are irreversible, and final, and without refunds (except for the circumstances set forth in the applicable Terms of Service). The Platform may be disabled, disrupted or adversely impacted as a result of sophisticated cyber-attacks, surges in activity, computer viruses, and/or other operational or technical challenges, among other things. We disclaim any ongoing obligation to notify you of all of the potential risks of using and accessing our Platform. You agree to accept these risks and agree that you will not seek to hold us responsible for any consequent losses.

Access risks

The Platform utilizes public communication network circuits for the transmission of messages. We shall not be liable for any and all circumstances in which you experience a delay in price quotation caused by network transmission problems or restrictions or any other problems outside our control, which include but are not limited to the strength of the mobile signal, network latency, or any other issues that may arise between you and any internet service provider, phone service provider or any other service provider.

We may also, from time to time, perform maintenance on the Platform, routine or otherwise. This may lead to platform downtime and lack of access to the Platform, potentially resulting in a delay or cancellation of execution of Platform functions which were yet to be processed or were used during maintenance or downtime.

Tax treatment and accounting

Digital Assets may be subject to the tax laws and regulations in an applicable jurisdiction. The tax treatment and accounting of Digital assets is a largely untested area of law and practice that is subject to changes. Tax treatment of Digital Assets may vary amongst jurisdictions. You shall comply with all applicable tax laws and regulations; and be solely responsible for all and any present or future taxes.